• Wire Mesh Pallets
    Galvanized coating or paint option for wires.
    The desired dimensions can be changed.
    The desired properties can be added to the caps.
  • Canvas Sperated Racks
    Production is realized by professional assembly work.
    The product is assembled to the desired specifications.
    The fit of the component is checked.
  • Specific Metal Packaging
    Appropriate measurements and materials are provided.
    We offer solutions with new project design for your product.

Production Capacity

More than 9,000 cases have been produced annually.

Quality Policy

In this way, which we started with customer satisfaction, manufacturing stages are realized with minimum production error.

End of Sales Support

After the sale of the products we have sold, the revision process and the products purchased are subject to changeable parts.

Logistics Planning

We are taking the right steps for the timely and perfect delivery of the products..

Quality Management

Each product is carefully inspected and prepared for shipment with a minimum risk of error.

Production Planning

With the production planning, the right products are produced at the right time.

  • "It doesn't matter if we're superior. The important thing is that we are superior to our day."Indian Sayings
  • "Don't say a problem is difficult; if it wasn't difficult, it wouldn't be a problem."F. Foch